VEE – Belts A, B, C, SPA, SPZ, M


Product Description

Primarily used as replacement on industrial drives. The classical belts are recommended in special applications such as V-flat drives. In the same manner these belts are advantageous where reverse idlers have to be used, because of smaller heights. The nominal length designation for these belts is inside length in inches.
Vee Belts in ‘A’ section from A20 to A154, in ‘B’ section from B24 to B160, in ‘M’ section from M18 to M48 (usually used in Drill Presses and machinery). We also carry a limited range of SPZ, SPA, SPB, AX, BX belts. With the ability to source Kevlar, Double Sided, and access to the full range of belts available through our suppliers.
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Classic A, B, C, M Vee-Belt Stock List SPZ, SPA, SPB Vee-Belt stocked range