Transport Slings Flat and Round


Product Description

The two most commonly used synthetic webbing slings used for lifting in Australia are “Flat” and “Round” slings. Both types combine dimensional stability with great flexibility and shape instantly to the load cradling it with balance and security. They are very suitable for handling highly polished surfaces etc. They are available in a variation of colours, depicting the load rating, as required by Australian Standards AS 4497.1 and AS 1353.1.
We carry Beaver Brands Double Ply Flat Slings in 1T (Violet) , 2T (Green), 3T (Yellow) in 1.0M, 2.0M, 3.0M & 4.0M long.
We carry Beaver Brands Mega Round Slings in 1T (Violet) , 2T (Green), 3T (Yellow) in 1.0M, 2.0M & 3.0M long.
Other sizes available as Special Order Items.


Flat and Round Polyester Slings