Thread Lockers and Retaining Compounds.

Product Description

With a range of Threadlockers, Retaining Compounds, Flange Sealants, Pipe Sealants and RTV Silicone Gasket from Cyberbond, Loctite and ProSeal.

Threadlockers :- Cyberbond TM11 (low strength), TM44 (mid strength), TH62 (high strength). Loctite Threadlockers 243 ((mid strength), 263 (high strength), 290 (after lock).
Retaining Compounds :- Cyberbond RM88 ( high strength medium viscosity), RH86 (high Strength high Viscosity). Loctite 609(mid strength low viscosity) and 660 (quick metal retaining compound).
Pipe Sealants :- Cyberbond SH22 (low strength PTFE), SH27 (medium strength). Loctite 567 (mid strength), 577 (medium strength GP).
Flange Sealants :- Cyberbond SH57 (general purpose), SH58 ( Multi purpose), SH55 (high temp). Loctite 515 (gasket sealant).
RTV Silicone Sealants from ProSeal in Black, Blue and Red(High Temp).
Loctite Primer 7471.