Stainless Wire


Product Description

309L Stainless Mig Wire :- Premium quality, low carbon stainless steel wire for welding matching 309L type stainless steel. Also recommended for welding stainless steel to mild & low alloy steels, stainless steel overlays & other dissimilar ferrous metals.
Stocked in 0.9 x 15Kg Spool.

316L Stainless Mig Wire :- For welding of similar composition (316 & 316L & in some cases 304 & 304L) as well as joining mild & low alloy. The low carbon content ensures immunity from carbide precipitation & inter-granular corrosion when welding low carbon stainless steel grades & higher silicon levels offer improved arc stability, bead shape & edge wetting. 316LSi would be considered the most widely used stainless steel MIG wire.
Stocked in 0.8mm x 5Kg and 1Kg Spools, 0.9mm x 1Kg, 5Kg and 15Kg Spools, 1.2mm in 15Kg Spools.