Stainless Steel Rivets


Product Description

Stainless Steel Rivets are an Stainless Steel Shell with a Steel or Stainless Steel Mandrel (stem) used generally where marine application is required.
Still classed as a Blind Rivet.

Note sizing :- first number is size i.e 4 = 1/8″(3.3mm), 5 = 5/32″(4.1mm), 6 = 3/16″(4.9mm), 8 = 1/4″(6.5mm)
Second number denotes Grip Length or maximum thickness to be riveted. This number is eqaul to the number of 1/16″ increments i.e 2 =2/16 or 1/8″(3.2mm), 3 = 3/16″(4.8mm), 4 = 4/16th or 1/4″(6.4mm) and so on.
So a 6-4 rivet is a 3/16″(4.9mm) thick x 4 = 4/16th or 1/4″(6.4mm)(grip thickness) Rivet.

Available sizes from 4-2, 4-4, 5-2, 5-4, 5-6, 6-2, with steel stem.
Available sizes from 6-4, 6-6, 6-8, 6-10 with stainless stem.

Other sizes available on Request, please note that Non-Stocked sizes may have to be purchased in box quantity.