Spray Oils and Greases

Product Description

We stock a number of Lubricants and Penetrants from CRC®, Inox. WD-40 and Lanotec.

In Inox we carry MX3 in 350g Spray Can, 5L and 20L, MX4 (Lanox Lanolin) in 350g Spray Can, 5L and 20L, MX6 Food Grade Grease in 450g Tube, MX7 PTFE Assembly Lube, MX8 PTFE Grease, MX11 Chain and Brake Cleaner 350g Spray Can, MX12 PTFE Supa Glide 350g Spray Can.

From CRC we carry Penetr8 (high-speed penetrant), Power Lube with PTFE (lubricant) 300g Spray Can, Dry Glide (dry Film Lubricant) 150g Spray Can, Wire Rope and Cable Lubricant 285g Spray Can, 5-56 (multi purpose lubricant) 400g Spray, 4L tin, 20L Drum, Soft Seal (Corrosion Inhibitor) 300g Spray Can, Zinc It (Corrosion Inhibitor) 350g Spray Can, Brakleen 500g Spray Can, 4L Tin, 20L Drum, Hot Shot Degreaser 500g Spray Can, Aeroclean Degreaser 400g Spray Can, Natural Degreaser 400g Spray Can, NF Contact Cleaner (non-flammable) 400g Spray Can, Di-Electric Grease 284g Spray Can, Food Grade Silicone Spray 284g, Aerostart 400g Spray Can, Belt Grip spray 400g.

WD-40 Products include High Performance Silicone Lubricant Spray 300g, Fast Acting Citrus Degreaser Spray 300g, Fast Dry Contact Cleaner Spray 290g, WD Multi Use Product 20L, WD-40 Smart Straw Lubricant Spray 350g.

From Lanotec we carry Heavy Duty Liquid Lanolin (Marine grade lubricant and protectant) 400g, 5L, 20L, General Purpose Liquid Lanolin 400g, 5L, Citra-Force (water soluble cleaner / degreaser concentrate.) 400g Spray Can.