Spiral Bands


Product Description

Spiral Abrasive Bands resemble a very small sanding belt. Semi-rigid when being used, they are fully supported by a fast spinning, heat resistant, firm black rubber mandrel or drum. Designed for grinding small areas such as curves and contours, inside corners, de-burring, rust removal and smoothing of welding seams. Specially suited to ‘Hard To Reach Areas’. Will grind most metals, stainless steel, glass, plastic, wood, stone and cast iron. Suitable driving tools: High speed air or electric hand grinders; (with or without flexible drive); fast Electric Drill; Drill Press; Bench Grinder; Lathe with larger sizes. Aluminium Oxide (ALO) abrasive performs well in most non-specific applications.
Available in 13 x 25 (Diam x Height), 19 x 25, 25 x 25, 38 x 25, 51 x 25, in A36, A60, A80, A120 Grit.
Mandrels stocked in Slotted or Screw types.