Roller Chain


Product Description

BS Standard Roller Chain stocked in 10′ boxed lengths. Simplex 06B(3/8″Pitch),08B(1/2″Pitch), 10B(5/8″Pitch), 12B(3/4″Pitch), 16B(1″Pitch),20B(1-1/4″Pitch), 24B(1-1/2″Pitch). 06B, 08B, 10B & 12B Chain is also stocked in 100′ rolls when longer lengths may be required.
Duplex Chain carried in 06B, 08B, 10B, 12B, 16B.
ANSI Standard Simplex Roller Chain 35-1(3/8″P), 415H-1, 40-1(1/2″P), 41-1(1/2″P), 50-1(5/8″P), 60-1(3/4″P), 80-1(1″P), 100-1(1-1/4″P) & 120-1(1-1/2″P).
ANSI Heavy Duty Simplex Roller Chain 50H-1(5/8″P), 60H-1(3/4″P).
Double Pitch Drive Chain A2060(1-1/2″P), Double Pitch Conveyor Chain C2040(1″P), C2050(1-1/4″P), C2060(1-1/2″P).
CA550 Roller Chain.
We carry Connector and ‘Half’ Links for all of the above Chains.
We also carry KCM (Japanese Premium Steel) Chains in 06B-1, 08B-1, 10B-1, 12B-1, 16B-1, 40-1, 50-1, 50H-1, 60-1, 60H-1, 80-1. Sold by 10′ length (box qty) only. Connector and ‘Half’ links available.

Chain Breakers in 2 sizes also Stocked.  #1 (25-60 Chains), #2 (60-100 Chains).