Polishing Wheels & Compounds


Product Description

A range of Polishing Mops.
I.E. Sisal mops (staple mops).  A stitched cotton construction with sisal fibre between the layers of cotton.  Most aggressive.
Stitched cotton mops.  A white cotton cloth stitched in concentric circles to give the mop strength.
Loose leaf cotton.  Loose leaf mops are fixed only at the centre and as such they will give a much finer finish when used with the same polishing compound.  Loose leaf mops are excellent for getting into even the most complex of shapes.

Wilson’s carries a range of mops from 50mm to 200mm in Sisal, Double Stitched, Single Stitched and Loose Leaf.
A range of Polishing Compounds in Grey, White, Green, Brown and Blue.
Polishing Mops that can be used on a Drill.
Mounting Spindles in Left and Right Hand threads, to suit Bench Grinders, in BSW 5/8″ & 1/2″, UNF 5/8″, Metric M12 x 1.75P, M14 x 2.0P, M16 x 2.0P.