Peel Rivets


Product Description

Peel rivets are extremely versatile and are necessary for good cohesion of soft materials without fracture or distortion. The ridges under the head of the stem cause the shell to peel back in four different directions giving a strong reliable fix.They are particularly useful for uneven surfaces or where oversize holes remain after repairs. Upholstery, rubber and fibreglass are easily fastened with peel rivets.

Note sizing :- first number is size i.e 4 = 1/8″(3.3mm), 5 = 5/32″(4.1mm), 6 = 3/16″(4.9mm), 8 = 1/4″(6.5mm)
Second number denotes Grip Length or maximum thickness to be riveted. This number is eqaul to the number of 1/16″ increments i.e 2 =2/16 or 1/8″(3.2mm), 3 = 3/16″(4.8mm), 4 = 4/16th or 1/4″(6.4mm) and so on.
So a 6-4 rivet is a 3/16″(4.9mm) thick x 4 = 4/16th or 1/4″(6.4mm)(grip thickness) Rivet.

Available in store in standard sizes from 6-8, 6-10, 6-12.

Other sizes available on Request, please note that Non-Stocked sizes may have to be purchased in box quantity.