Measuring Instruments

Product Description

Tape Measures (Lufkin, Stanley, Kincrome, Crescent) from 3.0M to 30M in Metric and Metric/Imperial.
Steel Rules (Toledo, Gamer, Boker, Stanley, Geiger) in 150mm to 2.0M Stainless steel and Aluminium.
Taper Rulers. Rabone Rulers.
Squares:- Engineers 150 to 300mm, Carpenters Squares from 200×300 to 400x600mm, Combination squares 150 to 300mm.
Measuring Wheels.
Inside and outside Spring Calipers, Dividers 100mm to 300mm.
Verniers :- Dial, Digital, standard, Coolant Resistant, 150mm t0 300mm from Kincrome, Starrett, Moore & Wright, Mitutoyo, Gamer.
Dial Indicators, Internal and External Micrometers in Metric and Imperial from Kincrome, Starrett, Moore & Wright, Mitutoyo, Gamer.
Magnetic Bases , Depth Gauges, Feeler Gauges, Thread Pitch Gauges.

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