Product Description

Liners to Suit Binzel Welding Guns in 0.9-1.2mm x 4M, 1.4-1.6mm x 4M.
Bernard Liners 0.6-0.8mm x 4.6M, 0.9-1.2mm x 4.6M(300 Series), 0.9-1.2mm x 4.5M(400 Series).
Tweco Liners for ‘Mini-Gun’ 0.9-1.2mm x 4.6M, TWC2 0.9-1.2mm x 4.6M, TWC4 0.9-1.4mm x 4.6.
Universal Teflon Aluminium Liners 0.9-1.0mm x 5M, 1.2-1.6mm x 5M.

Other liners available on request if one of the above doesn’t suit.