Hole Saws


Product Description

Bi-metal hole saws are used on drill presses and hand-held drills. Bi-metal construction ensures a long service life and high impact resistance for tough working conditions.When used at recommended speeds will cut through most materials.
Available in sizes from 9/16″ (14mm) to 6″ (152mm). Arbours to suit LSS-1 (9/16″ to 1-3/16″ with 3/8″ shank) LSS-2 (1-1/4″ – 6″ with 3/8″ shank)and LSS-4 (9/16″ – 1-3/16″ with 1/4″ shank) and replacement drill bits to suit all arbours.
A range of Hole-saw kits are stocked.