Jigsaw, Hacksaw and Powersaw Blades

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Product Description

Wilson’s stocks a limited range of 5-pack jigsaw blades in the 3 most popular head configurations for timber and metal.
Lenox Sabre Saw / Recipro Saw blades are stocked in 6″ and 12″ in metal and timber cutting in the ‘White’ and ‘Gold’ series’.
Dewalt 6″ Sabre Saw / Recipro Saw blades are also stocked.
Sutton Powersaw Blades are available in 10T, 14T x 25 x 300, 10T, 14T x 25 x 350, 6T, 10T, 14T x 32 x 350, 10T x 32 x 400, 6T, 10T, x 32 x 450, 6T x 38 x 450.
Sutton Hacksaw blades in Bi-Metal and Cobalt 18T, 24T & 32T.