Grinder Mounted Wire Wheels


Product Description

Cup Crimped Wire Wheels  are suitable for numerous applications on medium-sized surfaces, such as removing paint, de-rusting, cleaning of formwork boards and facings, deburring, descaling, roughing, matt sanding.
Cup Twist Knot Wheels are suitable for heavy duty cleaning work on smooth surfaces, such as removing heavy rust or under seal, removing varnish or paint on metal, cleaning welded seams (steel).
Tapered (Flat) Twist Knot Wire Brushes are suitable for many heavy duty cleaning applications, particularly in hard-to-reach areas. Ideal for deburring, paint stripping, removing rust, descaling, de-slagging and cleaning.
Available in 100mm (M10 x 1.5P center), 125mm (M14 x 2.0P center). Older Makita grinders use an M10 x 1.0P thread and the Josco™ range of Wire Wheels comes with 3 interchangeable collets to suit the above threads.
We also stock Pferd Wire wheels in Stainless for both M10 and M14 Threads.