Product Description

Cutting fluids are used in metal machining for a variety of reasons such as improving tool life, reducing work piece thermal deformation, improving surface finish and flushing away chips from the cutting zone.
Cutting fluid may also take the form of a paste or gel when used for some applications, in particular hand operations such as drilling and tapping.
Soluble Oil Fluids form an emulsion when mixed with water. The concentrate consists of a base mineral oil and emulsifiers to help produce a stable emulsion. They are used in a diluted form (usual concentration = 3 to 10%) and provide good lubrication and heat transfer performance. They are widely used in industry and are the least expensive among all cutting fluids.

Available in 350-400g Aerosol Spray, 450g and 2kg tins of Paste, 1L, 5L, 20L Soluble Oils.

Rocol (Aerosol/Fluid/Paste), Molybond (Aerosol/Fluid/Paste), Geiger (Soluble Oil)