Brazing Wire

Product Description

Brazing is a metal-joining process in which two or more metal items are joined together by melting and flowing a filler metal into the joint, the filler metal having a lower melting point than the adjoining metal. Brazing differs from welding in that it does not involve melting the work pieces and from soldering in using higher temperatures for a similar process, while also requiring much more closely fitted parts than when soldering.

Nickel Brazing Rods : 2.4, 3.2mm :- A premium quality bronze rod for maximum bond strength in braze welds on steel & cast iron & has excellent hardness & wear resisting properties. It is also excellent for fusion welding of copper-zinc alloys of similar composition & for brazing of nickel & nickel based alloys where high temperature is acceptable.
Manganese Brazing Rods : 1.6, 2.4, 3.2 : Low fuming general purpose bronze filler rod for braze welding of bronze, cast iron steel & malleable iron. Manganese bronze is the ideal maintenance rod.
Manganese Flux Coated Brazing Rods : 2.4, 3.2 : Low fuming self fluxing manganese bronze filler rod. Ideal for braze welding of malleable iron, steel & cast iron. Also used as a maintenance rod. Its high bond strength makes it suitable for use in a wide range of self-fluxing applications.
Silver Brazing Alloy Rods : 1.6 x 45%, 2.4 x 15%, 2.4 x 5% : Good general purpose alloy with exceptional strength & narrow melting range making it ideal for production brazing & maintenance work because of its ease of application. Low melting point.
Silver Brazing Flux Coated Alloy Rods : 1.6 x 45%.