Product Description

Wilson’s Carries a range of Cyberbond  cyanoacrylate adhesives, also known as “super glues” or “instant adhesives” due to their extraordinary adhesion profile, are one component, solvent free, very fast setting adhesives. These cyanoacrylates polymerize within seconds in the presence of a weak base, such as surface moisture, and will bond well to a wide range of substrates.
We carry Cyberbond 2003 (General Purpose), 2008 (Rubber), 2011, 2028 (Plastic), 2040 (Metal), 2077 (Gap Filler), 2241 (Rubber Toughened), 2610 (Difficult Substrates).
Loctite Products, 401 (Ultra Fast), 406 (Difficult to Bond).
SikaFlex 11FC Polyurethane Adhesive Sealant.
Rapid Fix Products, Dual and UV activated.
Gorilla Super Glues.
Supa Glue 5 and 30-minute Epoxy and 5-minute Metal Epoxy
Septone Spray Contact Adhesive.
Macsim Never Nail construction adhesive.